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Book 2 Review 1 [Nov. 15th, 2005|10:43 am]
[mood |busybusy]

State of Fear 

This book is not the type of book that I normally read. I was introduced to so many names at first so I wrote them all down and described the characters. But before I knew it that we in and out of the book just like that. Either they die or are not mentioned again. I thought it was creepy how the woman at the beginning suduced the man then after they had sex, she went to take a shower while three creepy men came in and shocked him in the arm pit with some unexplained object. His body slowly goes numb like and he gets like paralyzed where he can't even move his eyes. The lady  seems so calm and didn't seem to care at all, she grabbed his arm and walked him to the bridge where she then threw him over and watched him drown. There is a bunch of undercover things going on that they just kind of mention at the beginning. For example, the tons of missel wires that were sent out. In this chapter, there is a creepy woman driving a van and a fat man picking up the wires, doing all the transactions. After the supplys are loaded, the woman shocks the man in the neck with the same divice as before. His body also goes numb as he walks down the street and eventually he 'falls' off the curb and gets hit by a bus. The whole thing so far has been very creepy.

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News Review #8 [Nov. 10th, 2005|10:13 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

The New York Times (November 9th, 2005)

Australian Officials Accuse 16 Men of Plotting Terrorist Attacks

  • Summary: In Jakarta, Indonesia sixteen men were arrested because  they were charged with plotting terrorist attacks.  There were raids that took place on Tuesday morning which were carried out by 400 intelligence and police officers. This was said to be the largest terrorist-related operation in the country's history. The sixteen men had dangerous chemicals which are similar to the one used in the London bombings. The government thinks threat they are another example of a homegrown terrorist network. They had the chemicals and also downloaded bomb-making instructions from the internet. Majority of the men looked to be from the Middle East, but several were also Australian citizens. The men had been planning the attacks for over a year but we don't know exactly when they were going to carry it out.
  • My Opinion: Good thing they got caught! I am getting so sick of hearing about terrorist attacks. Why is it that people keep trying to do that. I guess I just feel hatred towards these people who plan to do so much harm. I understand they were raised to do that hence they are called "home-grown terrorists". I just wish they had a sense of right and wrong. So they would know that is wrong and maybe the different sets of terrorists would stop attacking. I like to hear stories like this when the terrorists get caught before they play out their plans.
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News Review #7 [Nov. 3rd, 2005|10:45 am]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

The New York Times (November 2nd, 2005)

Kyrgyzstan Quiets two prisons; Troops kill 4 Inmates in Battles

  • Summary: On November 1st, special force soldiers patrolled the federal penitentiary in Moldovanovka, Kyrgyzstan. The penitentiary was slowly slipping out of the Governments control so the soldiers went in  to restore order in the prison. Witnesses said that six trucks arrived filled with many masked soldiers arrived at about 7 a.m. Once they pulled in, there was a brief battle where the prisoners took the first shots at the soldiers. Two inmates died during the dispute between government troops and prisoners. The head of the prison services was shot at and injured, so were many of the prisoners. There were also two prisoners from the prison in the nearby village of Petrovka that were killed during an uprising.
  • My Opinion: I think this article was extremely confusing. It is beyond me why the prisoners had guns and were even able to shoot at the soldiers. I don't know how they could ever let a penitentiary get that far out of control! They should be guarded and controled and by no means should they have anything like a gun. They are in the prison for a reason not to continue the reason they got in there in the first place. That just frustrates me how the government could allow that to happen. I just hope they got it all under control and that they can keep it that way!
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Book Review # 4 [Oct. 25th, 2005|03:20 pm]
[mood |sicksick]

The Abandoned Generation (Chapters 7 to THE END)

Chapter 7 is titled "Higher Education, Inc." I haven't really understood much of the book at all. It is not one of my favorite books at all. Now that that is said, the last chapter talked a lot about neoliberalism. The chapter also talks about the medias effect on society. They feel society should help teach kids that you should be an individual and not follow what everyone else does. Everyone should be their own person. Giroux believes that in this point in American history , neoliberal capitalism is not simply overpowering, but that democracy is too weak." There is also a historic challenge of how we think about the meaning of democracy, citizenship, social justice, and civic education. This chapter also talks about getting higher education in colleges and universities. How Universities are getting less and less money put toward public health and science. Giroux feels the problems of higher education should be addressed in terms of politics and values. I feel the best point in the chapter is "...higher education must be embraced as a democratic sphere because it is one of the few public spaces left where students can learn the power of questioning authority, recover the ideas of engaged citizenship, reaffirm the importance of public good, and expand their capacities to make a difference (pg. 187)." I feel that quote makes a very good point. I'm just glad I'm done with the book :/

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News Review #6 [Oct. 25th, 2005|02:46 pm]
[mood |productiveproductive]

The New York Times (October 24th, 2005)

At Least 17 Iraqis Killed in a Day Of Scattered Bombings and Gunfire

  • Summary: I have been updating about the happenings in Iraq as people act out against the newly made constitution. There have been more attacks; this time killing schoolchildren, policemen, and innocent bystanders all over Baghdad. On Sunday, October 23rd, a roadside bomb exploded in a residential neighborhood in Tikrit. The bomb killed a police officer and his two sons as they pulled out of their garage on the way to school. It also killed two young girls who were waiting in the car to be driven to school. Also in Baghdad, an insurgent drove a car full of explosives down a busy city street. The car blew up right in front of a police patrol killing four people and injuring 14 other people. In the Nafaq Al Shurta neighborhood gunmen shot and killed 3 people and injured 4 other people. There were also gunmen that ambushed an Iraqi truck convoy and killed three drivers. A suicide bomber  hit in front of an American military convoy which killed one civilian and injured 7 others. Another bomb went off in a bus stop luckily it only injured two people. Lastly, the police in Baquba and Mahmudiya reported that they found 8 bodies that were all blindfolded, handcuffed and were all shot in the head.
  • My Opinion: As you can see, there is so much hate going on in Baghdad. It disguised me how horrible people can be to other human beings. The article itself was pretty short but it was made up if all of those different events. There have been over seven horrible events that have happened over one weekend. I stand where I have with all of the other articles. I think there is NO reason for it. It wrenches at your heart when you hear these stories especially picturing those innocent children sitting in the car ready to go learn so they can make something out of themselves. They probably didn't even know about the constitution, they don't deserve that!
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Knucklehead #3 [Oct. 24th, 2005|08:03 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]

I found a knucklehead when I was doing my math homework out of my text book called Elementary Mathematics for Teachers by Thomas A. Parker and Scott J. Baldridge. On Page 111,bottom of the page.

It says "Thus, the sum is twice the whole number k+m, so is even."

It should say "Thus, the sum is twice the whole number k+m, so IT is even."

I have been getting so ticked off with my math text, there are knuckleheads all over the place. For problem number 5 on the hw set 18, pg 107, the direction was to "Follow the instructions of Problem 5". IT IS NUMBER 5. Number 7 says the same thing as number 5.
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News Review #5 [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:21 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]

The New York Times (October 10th, 2005)

Guatemalan Village Overwhelmed by Task of Digging Out Hundreds of Dead From Mud

  • Summary: Last week the Guatemalan village of Panabaj was hit by a river of mud that ended up being about a half of a mile wide and around 20 feet deep. The rain storms were caused from the aftermath of hurricane Stan. Over 400 people were caught in the mudslide and buried alive. Many of the men from the village had to come and try to dig up the decomposing bodies so they could be properly buried with dignity. Men came in mobile mortuary's and took the decaying remains away. According to the Vice President, Eduardo Stein, these storms have killed 519 people so far, left 130,000 people homeless, and 3 million more have been left without basic essentials such as electricity. There have been many rescue attempts but the storms are continuing and are not allowing helicoptors through. There are still heavy storms and mudslide happening in the hills. Most people were sleeping when the mudslide hit. The rescuers saves around 72 people so far. They said they found a women in the mud who appeared to be running from the mudslide with a baby in a shawl on her back and she was holding another baby in her arm. Many of the towns people were pressing leaves into their noses so they couldn't smell the decomposing bodies. After this tragedy the town no longer wants to be a town. They want to be declared a cemetery for all of the bodies who were buried and never found.
  • My Opinion: It is so hard for me to believe this is going on in the world as we speak. I really do feel like I live in a bubble when I read this sort of stuff because normally if it isn't happening around me I don't know about it. But now since I have been reading the New York Times it has really opened my eyes to what is happening in the world. This really is another tragedy! It seems like the hurricanes have been worse then normal this year. I wonder if it does have to do with global warming. After reading the Dobbs interview and reading all of these articles, I really thing the more damage from hurricanes is a result of global warming. When I read that I just couldn't even begin to think about how bad it would have to smell. I hope they can declare that land a cemetery so the people can rest in piece.
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Knucklehead #2 [Oct. 5th, 2005|10:52 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

I found a knuckle head in another college book which is a linguistics introuction. It is called "The Structure of Modern English" by Laurel J. Brinton.

"John bought a computer from Bill. Bill sold the computer to Bill."

I since Bill can't sell the book to himself, I beleive they ment to say he sold it to John since "John BOUGHT the computer from Bill"

crazy college text books!!!

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News Review #4 [Oct. 3rd, 2005|08:32 pm]
[mood |scaredscared]

The New York Times (October 3rd, 2005)

Locked Away Forever After Serious Crimes Committed as Teenagers

  • Summary: Rebecca Falcon got drunk on bourbon, got in a cab with her 18 year old friend that had a gun. They ended up shooting the cab driver that was only 25 at the time. Rebecca was put behind bars for the rest of her life and she was only 15 at the time. Her mother sent her to live with her Grandmother in Florida. She tried fitting in with many groups but just didn't fit in so she ended up making friends with the wrong crowd. She was convicted of felony murder which means she was in prison for participating in a serious crime that led to a murder but was not proved to have done the killing. Another case of life in prison is that of Timothy Kane. He was 14 when he was playing video games at a friends house in 1992. Two of the older boys decided to go and steal stuff from a neighbors house so Timothy went with them so he wasn't home alone. They thought the house was empty but when they got inside there was a man that was 55 and his mom that was 75. The two older boys shot the man in the back of the neck and tried to shot the Mom but the gun was jammed. They then Stabbed her in the neck and stepped on the knife which almost decapitated her. They then cut off the mans pinkie as a souvenir. The whole time this was happening Timothy was hiding in the corner watching it all happen. One of the older boys was sentenced to death and the other was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Timothy was sentenced to 25 years until parole. The issue is that children should not be sentenced to life because they change a lot as they grow to adults. They are considering the fact that juveniles are being punished much worse for their crimes then adults when it comes to felony murder.
  • My Opinion: I feel very sorry for Timothy Kane. I can see him standing in the corner being scared to death as a 14 year old boy knowing that if he stepped out to stop the older boys they could have killed him. So he saved his own life by standing in the corner. I can only imagine what he witnessed that night and how scared he had to have been. However I think the other two boys deserved what they got. They is not only sad what they did but it is disgusting! They tried to cut the ladies head off and they think that was going to be the souvenir but since it didnt cut off they took the mans pinkie instead. That is WRONG! I'm not sure what I think about Rebecca's case. It sounded like she could have killed the man but I'm guessing it was the boy she was with. However I feel she was in on it and deserves her sentence. I do think the government should think about juvenile punishments a little more. They still do the crime but in a lot of the cases, I think it is partially the parents fault for not teaching and caring for their children. Its just so horrible how such young people can commit such crimes when they don't even understand the real meaning of death.
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Book Review # 3 [Sep. 28th, 2005|10:18 am]
[mood |blahblah]

The Abandoned Generation (Chapters 5&6)

Chapter 5 is titled "Teen Girls' Resistance and the disappearing social in Ghost World". Ghost World is the movie we recently started in class about the two girls who seem to be outcasts. He talks about the images shown all over the media that make young girls expesially try to look like what they see. There are anerexic girls everywhere telling you that skinny is pretty. They imply that guys will only go for the skinny girls with a big butt and big goobs. Girls see this on the television, videos, films, publishing, even in music. Many girls fall into the media and have self-esteem issues because of it. Some have eating problems or depression just because they don't have the media image. On Ghost World Enid and Rebecca are two girls who form their own images and try not to be like every other girl. They make a point to be different and go against the norm. Chapter 6 is titled "From "Manchild" to Baby Boy". The movie Baby Boy addresses steriotypes of race, agency, masculinity, violence, and politics.

Vocab Words that I don't understand: Modicum (pg. 105), apogee (pg. 107), pedagogy (pg. 126), misogyny (pg. 137)

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